Welcome to my radio communications website

This is the site I will have all my radio communications related content on, aside for the ShackCam and my radio blog which will remain on seperate pages.

You will find pictures of the shack and my equipment, a bit of info on CB and Freeband as well as some PMR446 information. I also include a page on Free Radio Network linking and a link to the website of my own gateway, as well as a link to the Free Radio Network website.

About me

I am licenced Amateur radio operator with the callsign M0WNU as well as a CB and PMR446 operator with the callsign 26CT730, and member of Charlie Tango, a DX group and radio forum for CB operators (including freebanders), and licensed Amateur operators. They issued my CT callsign.
I mostly operate 2-meters on the Amateur bands however make the occasional foray onto 11-meters and PMR446, I plan to get around whatever antenna restrictions I do have at present to operate all bands I can from home, both Amateur and licence exempt as well as get a suitable HF set for Amateur radio use. I am also trying to learn Morse code in my spare time which is full of other projects right now.

I mostly operate from home or mobile but I do on occasions go out portable. With the right conditions and location contacts that are hundreds or even thousands of miles away can be made, even at a few milliwatts of power. I generally only operate portable on CB as I don’t have a suitable antenna or rig for most Amateur HF bands.